About us

M&M Reality Holding is the most successful real estate office in the Czech Republic and is also a founding part of the largest real estate financial group in the country with the name M&M Holding, which in 2017 was chosen by more than four thousand Czech consumers as the 'Most Trusted Brand on the Market' in the survey conducted by the agency STEM/MARK.

Structure of M&M Holding:

  • M&M Reality brokers real estate services, i.e. real estate sales, purchases and rentals.
  • M&M Finance brokers the fast financing of real estate and personal and property insurance.
  • M&M Investment helps clients who cannot sell their real estate in the standard way.
  • M&M Development revitalises and builds flats and houses and is also the largest developer of cooperative housing.
  • M&M Energo arranges the seamless transfer of energy to new suppliers under the best conditions on the market.
  • M&M Advertising as an in-house marketing and communication agency manages the holding's annual advertising budget.

The holding's portfolio also includes:

  • The joint M&M Foundation with the band Kryštof – M&M Holding annually invests by means of the M&M Foundation several million crowns in orphanages, preschools and other charitable projects. We work with TV Nova on Tereza Pergnerová's reality show Mise Nový domov (Mission New Home). We are traditionally the main charity partner of Mattoni Czech Nightingale music awards and Kryštof camps. Thanks to the close friendship between the guarantor of the M&M Foundation Petr Morcinek and singer Richard Krajčo, the foundation has formed close ties with the Czech band Kryštof.
  • Nemomax - an investment fund with variable registered capital. The fund invests in equity holdings in property assets and also in other assets, especially real estate.

The owner and single shareholder of M&M Holding is Petr Morcinek, who is also the director of company strategy and development.